About MSQ


MSQ management is a take-off platform for young and talented people, united by one principle - to carry out beauty and an innovative vision of the world.

We are mainly focused on the discovery of the unique  people and the development of model’s career, that can  set the new beauty standards on the world-famous catwalks, the pages of beauty magazines and advertising companies. 

MSQ management was created by the professionals with the working experience in the international modeling area not only as bookers and model agents, but also as models, that makes us work effectively at all the levels.

We set an objective not just to prepare a model, who has an appropriate appearance and some skills to work in a model industry, but also to inspire a model to develop her strong points and become more remarkable, self-motivated and exciting personality, who has something to share with the world.


MSQ are the first three letters that you can see if you are aimed at visiting Belarus, choosing the destination during air ticket search.

But even those, who wasn't in our beautiful country, know Belarus for the great and talented people, models, artists, photographers, stylists and others they could meet with when working or traveling.

Our objective is to gather all this professionals together and afford ground for realization of co-projects, shootings and advertising campaigns both in Belarus and abroad. We believe, that  using international experience and fresh ideas, it’s possible to get high-quality results at a lower cost.


We are always opened to cooperation with Belarusian companies as well as with the foreign ones. 

Being based on your conception, we can gather up a professional team, from models or celebrities to stylists, who will successfully realize the desired goals  for your brand promotion.


MSQ Management, LLC
35, 3th floor, 11A Internatsionalnaya Str
Minsk 220030, Belarus


License No. 33030/1822 (for the right to carry out activities related to employment outside the Republic of Belarus) of January 5, 2018. Issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

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